Healthcare providers face many challenges while managing the people with Diabetes. Healthcare Providers often asks patients to keep track of Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure while patients normally track this information in logbooks or diaries. This information is not tracked well and cannot be leveraged by healthcare providers for better care.

Heallify, which is an integrated healthcare platform, offers People with Diabetes to track Blood sugar and make this information available with their healthcare providers in real time. This service is free to the patients. Once the Heallify app is downloaded, patients needs to give access to the doctor to view the health data and can get remote support at right time.

Healthcare Providers can access this information on the Patients profile in the Heallify Doctors App as seen below.


Research has shown that (1) self-monitoring of blood glucose have enhanced glycemic control. Due to increase in mobile devices adaptability between patients of different age groups diabetes tracking is now easier. Healthcare providers should ask their patients to use app like Heallify to enable self-monitoring of diabetes.

Heallify app also supports tele-medicine so that if intervention is required Healthcare providers can consult patients on demand.

About Heallify: Heallify is an integrated healthcare platform, which offers Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, Telemedicine, Appointment Booking and Chronic Disease Management into one app. Heallify can be accessed at below link :


(1) Frequency of blood glucose monitoring in relation to glycemic control: observational study with diabetes database.

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