We are proud to announce that we have launched our Heallify Doctor App which provides complete Practice Management Solution to Doctors on the fingertips.

With Heallify app you can

  • Provide better healthcare to your patients
  • Accelerate Productivity
  • Be at digital Center of care
  • Give Power to your patients

Some of the Features of Heallify

1) Manage Patients
With Heallify App you can manage your patients, provide them e-prescription or you can also provide the prescription in Government Approved template. Manage patient health records by simply capturing the photo of the case notes or old records. To be in touch your patient recommends them to use Heallify App for Patients so they can also book your appointments on the go.

2) In-House and Online Appointments with SMS Reminders
With Heallify Doctor App offline appointments can be booked, Create appointments in House for the walk-in patients or the patients booking via Phone.
Patients can also book the appointments via Heallify App if Doctor has configured his profile to accept online appointments. Recommend your patients to use Heallify App.
Schedule Follow Up appointments with your patients.
Send SMS Reminders to your patients for the appointments booked.

3) Custom Heallify Profile
You can create your custom Heallify profile and increase your visibility by showcasing your achievements, your specialization, and available services at your Clinic.

4) Manage Unlimited Clinic Locations
With Heallify you can manage unlimited clinic locations for your practice. If you are practicing at more than once clinic Heallify Doctor App is the best choice you got.

5) Track Chronic Patients Real Time
If you are Practicing Physician or Endocrinologists or Nephrologist or Diabetologist or Dietician you can ask you patients to Use Heallify Patients app so that Doctor can track Patient Blood Sugar level, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Level real time.

6) Manage Staff
Feeling the pain of managing staff, Heallify can help you, just create your staff login and password via Heallify Doctor App and ask them to use Heallify Doctor app to create and manage appointments, Your online schedule, Offline appointments. You can control what your staff can see in the app.

7) Seamless Access
Heallify Doctor App is accessible via You Mobile Phone or Tablet. We will soon launch web version as well.
Healthcare professional can get the app from Google Play Store. Below is the link for the app.


We are providing a trial version of 1 month currently and after that users will be switched to One of the 3 plans.

Do let us know your feedback on hello@heallify.com

Thank You — Team Heallify